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Wooden Piano

Piano Studio

Our goal for each student is to become proficient in their chosen instrument, develop a love for music, and an interest and appreciation for many musical styles. 

You or your child will be exposed to a variety of repertoire, music theory, ear training, sight reading, and music history.

Musical Notes


Students should be prepared for each lesson and have made weekly  progress on all parts of the written assignment. This requires a  commitment to practicing the piano at home each day. Practice times will  vary throughout the year depending on our goals and projects. As a guide,  parents should ensure that children practice at least 5 days each week.  Consistent daily practice is the key to long-term success. 

Every student is different, but here are general guidelines for the  minimum amount of practice that achieves results: 

• Age 5-7: 20 minutes daily 

• Age 8-9: 30 minutes daily 

• Age 10-13: 45 minutes daily

• Age 14 and up: 60 minutes daily or more

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Piano Keys

2023-2024 Policies



All students are required to have a piano at home for daily practicing. I  recommend a tuned acoustic piano, although a digital piano will 88  weighted and “touch sensitive” keys plus proper foot pedals is acceptable  for early levels. All students will need a working metronome. If you are  apprehensive about making the commitment of purchasing an acoustic  piano upfront, affordable leasing options are available locally.


Music lessons are scheduled for 30, 45, or 60 minutes once a week. There will be at minimum spring break, a few scheduled summer breaks, and a holiday break. If lessons fall on school holidays, lessons will still occur.  


My preference is to maintain consistent instruction with students to keep  progress and motivation on track. However, I maintain a full studio.  Therefore, if a lesson is cancelled by the student, rescheduling may not be  possible. Refunds will not be given for missed or cancelled lessons. 

Please keep in mind that tuition is more than just lessons; it reserves your  weekly time slot. It does not guarantee any time slots which are not your  own.  

Severe Weather: 

If school is cancelled for a snow day or other  severe weather events, lessons will be available through online  platforms. Please use your own judgment and call if you feel very  uncomfortable with transportation. 

Please keep in mind that online options are always available if you are  not able to physically attend a regularly scheduled lesson.

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